Day 21 – Istanbul

A morning cruise up the Bosphorus was just what I needed.  Who knew?  It was nice seeing the view from the opposite angle as we passed palaces, homes, and businesses.  Some of the people were sick from the motion and missed out on the grand sight of bridges and passing ships.

Palace off the Bosphorus

After docking, we went to the Sadberk Hanim Museum where we weren’t able to take pictures, but caught a great look at art and textiles collected by the Museum’s founding family.

Ottoman Exhibit Poster

Afterwards, we grabbed lunch and watched couples walk along the Bosphorus and kids dive fearlessly into the water.  A short lunch, we then headed to the Sakip Sabanci Museum where we saw wonderful collections of calligraphy and art.  This museum was much larger than it appeared and had a collection that extended to current times.  The basement featured an exhibit that connected ancient Greece and Turkey.  At one point in history, they were the same land and same people.


Both the museums we saw today are to be added to the list if you’re ever visiting Istanbul.  They are not to be missed!

Tomorrow still holds presentations, so we headed back to the hotel to have the rest of the day to prepare.  Traffic was jam packed and it took us 2 hours to get back to our hotel which was 30 minutes away.  LA traffic now seems non-existent.

When we returned to the hotel, we worked on our project presentations.  After completing mine, I was exhausted and sought sleep as fast as I could.


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