Day 18 – Istanbul


Back in Istanbul!  Our first stop would be the Topkapi Palace and Harem.  The palace is what fairy tales were based on.   We visited several sites within the palace and it truly felt more like a city than once the home to the royal court and the harem. 

Entering the Topkapi Sarayi Palace in Istanbul

There were many fascinating places within and the palace was so large that we couldn’t see it in its entirety within 5 hours.  I don’t want to do too many spoilers but I want to say that if you’re in Istanbul, make this one of your first stops!  And definitely have scrumptous lunch there… finish your meal with tea and not the Turkish coffee.  I still recommend the Grande Cafe in Sultanhamet for Turkish coffee.   

Inside the Harem in Topkapi Palace in Istanbul

We then went to the Archaeological and Ceramic Museum that were next door.  It was cool seeing the original ceramic and tile work and being able to compare it to newer and re-created design productions. 

Ceramic in The Archaeological and Ceramic Museum

I checked out the Hitit and Egyptian museum alone before leaving because I can’t get enough of the BC Empires and the Hitit is the most facsinating empire to me.  (Thanks, Rochelle)

Lion in the Hitit Exhibit at the Archaeological and Ceramic Museum in Istanbul

I walked back to the hotel and worked on my project for school.  Later, I grabbed some McDonald’s for a late dinner.  The McDonald’s was not good at all.  😦  While the fries were natural and fresh potatoes, the sandwich was cold and the service was bad.  The staff didn’t have the swarm intelligence for prepping orders which made it an extremely long wait in line.    With a cramped stomach, I returned to the hotel and went to sleep.

Oh well, at least tomorrow would be another day in Turkey!


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