Day 13 – Bergama (Pergamon)


Our first stop in the morning was to an Ethnographic museum.  Where we got a really good idea of how clothing and household items have evolved over time for the Turkish people. 

Soldier's Uniform

Then, we hit the road bound for Peragumum with a stop at a local town’s farmer’s market.  The vegetables and fruits were vibrant and fresh.  I longed for a kitchen to cook in but simply settled for a taste sample of the organic goodness.  Several of the vendors shouted, competing for shoppers to stop at their stands.  Sprinkled in the sea of fruits and vegetables were clothing and small boutique stores selling everything from appliances to furniture.   The meat market featured fisherman and butchers and was at the center of it all.

Farmer's Market in TurkeyMeat Market in Turkey

We then made our way to Sardis.  While it has been amazingly restored and we found what were the  Plumbing, Hardware, paint shops, and even original mosaic tiles within the Synagogue, I must say that the most awe inspiring stop was the temple of Artemis.   I could have walked through those ruins and gathered inspiration for hours!


Artemis Temple in Sardis

After a 4-5 hour journey, we  arrived at the hotel.  We ate a great authentic Turkish meal prepared by a cook that must simply be someone’s mother or grandmother cranking out the buffet for the hotel’s patrons. It was that hearty and heart filled.  We had green beans, spinach, stuffed peppers, chicken and potatoes dish… Dessert was definitely unique – Watermelon with sheep cheese.   I know.  It sounds disgusting, but it was really good.

To walk off the meal, 8 of us took a walk about a mile down the block and back.  The town seems pretty young and active.  We passed by a prom and a wedding within the same block.  There weren’t too many people walking the streets past the age of 40.  There were lots of older men in their late 60’s and older playing card games in local restaurants.    We ducked into a bar on the way back because we began to attract a lot of attention from the locals.  There was a lone guitarist and female singer performing for an empty audience.  We gave them some love and listened to their Turkish folk songs.  The drinks were pretty pricey and we negotiated $10 off to arrive at a $30 tab for 2 malibu and cokes. 

After about a half an hour, we returned to the hotel.  The sad part is, I don’t know the name of the hotel.   I just know that I keep expecting the lady from poltergeist to come from around the corner and call out for Carol Ann.  The hotel seems as though it had been through a fire at one point.  The fuses for the lights seem to be going out as the lights come on and off in the hallway at will.  If the poltergeist doesn’t get me, I’m sure those twins from the Shinning will.  :-p  The good news, the food is amazing and breakfast starts at 6:30!  🙂

But now off to bed! Hopefully the boogeyman doesn’t snatch me…


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