Day 9 – Pamukkale

Necropolis – Turkey

A walk through Necropolis, the city of the dead with ancient tomb stones will guide the path to the ancient ruins of Hieropolis.  Necropolis’ roads are in between what was once a tombstone, sarcophagus, and tomb lined street.  Some of the ancient tombs are still intact, but most have been reduced to rubble which allow for the imagination to take flight.

After walking for what seems to be a couple of blocks to reach the city gates, we found the remnants of an ancient bath.  During Hieropolis’ time, people would have to stop and bathe before entering it’s gates in an attempts to not spread disease to it’s people.

Throught the gate of the ancient bath

Further down, we cross through the city gates.  The latrine is a large piece of what remains of the city.  It is still for the most part standing and demonstrates the sophistication of the city’s waste management and plumbing systems that are still partially entact.    Even back then, they knew the importance of running water and funneling it out of the city. 

The Latrine

Continuing down the path, we find more remnants and I imagine what the city looked like at it’s height. 

After leaving Hieropolis, we reach the travetine pools that are naturally carved into the mountains.  The bright white with reflective pools of blue water look like a polar bears heaven.  The water is quite warm and the rocks are hard.  It’s the perfect place for a natural pedicure or some foot stabbing.

Travertine in Denizli, Turkey

All good things come to an end, we went to the cafeteria.  Modern, man made, and filled with tourists eager to bath in the 10 year old or less pools and fly on green screen carpet.  I opted for a fish pedicure.  It tickled and was strange, but worth a try.  Now my feet are baby soft and I won’t sandpaper my legs tonight… not that I did before, but… my feet are baby smooth and that’s what counts!

Fish Pedicure - Tickle, Tickle

Tomorrow, we will go to another ancient city!   But for now, it’s back to enjoying the amenities of the Richmond… and working on my paper.  In other words, poolside with the laptop.  🙂


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