Day 7 – Konya


Waking up in the Hotel Rumi wasn’t as luxurious as the other places.  Last night, my roommate and I tried to switch rooms because of the overwhelming stench of cigarette smoke.  The hotel was booked solid.  So, we had no choice but to stay in our present room.  They were nice enough to come up and spray it with a fragrence.  It helped temporarily.  The air was far too cool to leave the window open, so I choked on the air when I woke up. 

The good news this morning, we’d have a rooftop breakfast of fruit and pastries.  We’d also visit Rumi’s tomb.

Rumi’s tomb is a pilgramage stop for ones journeying to Mecca.  While the tombs themselves were constructed by artisans that even constructed the conical hat wrapped in a turban at he head place.  I was moved by the people who cried at the tomb and even kissed the glass case surrounding the beard of Mohammed.  For them this visit was more than a step into history, but a place of spiritual enlightenment.  A place where they are assured they are going in the right direction.

Followers line up to visit Rumi's tomb

We couldn’t take pictures within the tomb because of this spiritual significance, but it is etched in my mind forever.  But for those who can’t go without pictures, here’s a picture I took stole with Venus Williams outside of Rumi’s tomb. 

I pretend to think Kipenzi is Venus Williams

We went to a Mosque and two Medressa Museums. The mosque was unique as it did not have doors, but giant carpets hanging to close it.  The floor’s carpeting was of a newer design that created separate rows to better organize people as they pray.  The carpeting also mrirored the ceiling and dome’s design.  At the schools (medressa), they were unique as they had separate rooms and in the center water features.  Both of the school/museums founders were entombed at the locations as well.

Tomb of Sultans

Curious about a Turkish Bath in passing, we ducked in to find out what the excitement was.  It was so hot that while we didn’t see steam with the naked eye, the camera caught all the heat:

Inside the Turkish Bath

We also visited an archaelogical site where Roman & Greek history was evident in the art work of the tomb stones and a few remaining sarcophagus.   Turkey has been strongly influenced by Roman and Greek culture and was once a part of the Roman Empire. 


Roman-Turkish Carcughagus in Archaelogical Museum in Konya, Turkey

After all our stops, it was time to call it a day… a long day, but filled with lots of museum stops of historical signifigance for Turkish culture.  But before retiring for the day, we had to see some modern reflections of the market place in a wonderful place, we like to call the Mall.

The Turkish Mall was very similar to other mall’s in America.  If I was familiar with all the brand and store names, I would have forgotten I was in Turkey until, I ran into the delivery driver for Burger King.  At first glance, I thought he was a race car driver with his Burger King logo’d chaps and jacket.  But no, he was the delivery driver for Burger King.  Yes, Burger King.  I can’t say it enough for it to settle in.  I couldn’t imagine ordering in for a hot whopper, but now that I saw it in the flesh, I guess it would be a guilty pleasure worth waiting for… on second thought…

After buying a couple scarves and a rain jacket, I felt I did enough damage.  The rest of the stuff I could get at home.  We all called it a night and looked forward to tomorrow where we’d leave Konya, for Lake Country and Pammukkale.


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