Day 3 – Cappadocia – Land of Beautiful Horses

Cappadocia literally translates to the land of beautiful horses.  I’ve only seen three horses since I’ve been here, but am not disappointed with the rest of the beauty around me.

We took an early morning hour long flight.  After arriving we headed straight to the Goreme Open Air Museum where historic cave home and churches rest.  It was pretty cool to see how people lived over 2,000 years ago.  The churches featured frescoes (wall paintings) for Christianity that has influenced current murals in Christian churches.

Frescoes in Cappadocia

Afterwards, we headed to meet and see local Cappadocian landmarks.  We visited the Captain, a long time business man that pleasantly greets tourists with samples of his nuts and homemade raisins.  The nuts were too organic for my taste.  If you like them raw, without salt, the Captain’s nuts may be for you.  Plenty of people love them because he drove a porsche.  It made me wonder a little if he plays the quiet life of a shopkeeper by day and a fast car driving Hugh Heffner by night. 

We then headed over to check out some more ancient caves.  We played around, climbing up the mountains inspecting the caves.  The caves are now used for storage of agricultural items.  Made out of pumice, they stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  The average cave goes for 30 grand so it sounds like the perfect opportunity to go in with HGTV makeovers and make it magnificent. Later, I seized the opportunity to ride a camel.

Inside Cave storage


Riding a camel in Cappadocia


We checked out the Black Onyx Jewelry store where I won a hand carved onyx egg for remembering what Cappadocia means.  Super nerd to the rescue!   The jewelry within the store was devistatingly beautiful. Devistating because I couldn’t afford the diamond earrings I fell in love with. 

Black Onyx Jeweler in Cappadocia showcases spun jewelrey.


By now, even though we were mesmerized by the beauty of the land, the changing terrain of white, brown, and tan rock sometimes nestled in a sea of green, we were all pretty tired. 

We checked into the Karlik Evi where my roomie and I walked into a palace of blue.  A room so gorgeous, we wanted to call this place home.  I was pretty tired, so I took a shower to get the dirt from the hill climbing off of me and went straight to bed.  Best night sleep in a long time.  🙂


One thought on “Day 3 – Cappadocia – Land of Beautiful Horses

  1. Sounds like your having and amazing experience! I love the pics with you on the camel. The one photo you look like your afraid of the camel. I’m loving all the pictures too.

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